Allegiance Beyond Instinct

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It sounded somewhat close to pedagogic narcissism to many others, “He was not a genuine politician; rather he was more of a chess player”, the way the critics viewed Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, the president of Pakistan. But not  surprisingly, at the death anniversary of Benazir Bhutto, in his home state Sindh, that chess player stood erect, in his speech to the public gathering,  consummately explored the weaknesses of the opponents, and delivered the punches (the verbal tirade).  He sounded as if he was one of the protagonists of the Shakespearean tragedy: As flies to the wanton boys are we to gods, they kill us for their sport. There was no fate but what we made. These couple of arguments were amongst so many that the post speech theatres, the media’s live talks shows, disseminated to the general public.

But I believed, going beyond the local, was the need of the hour, if any pragmatic evaluation of the speech, and of the situation in the country was required, but  to the dismay of the sane viewers, none of the  live talk shows had  the impartiality that was required.

The inaccuracy on the part of evaluators, in the evaluation of the contexts provided by the speech, and other contexts, such as the Abbotabad Operation, the Memorandum, the Salala Attack, the Haqqani Group, Mullah Zaeef setting up Taliban office in Germany, Mullah Umer’s exclusion from the most wanted list, Iran -Afghanistan gas pipeline agreement,  the president pointing towards Russia and China and other countries for making an other Economic Bloc, had something to do with the vertical command and control in the country-the conditioned reflexes.

What should have been pondered over was the exact picture woven into the chain of the contexts mentioned above, because it had a   direct and an indirect link to the future of Pakistan. The entire episodes of the talk shows that went on air were ironic in their functions; they contributed to centralize the information, whereas what they were supposed to do was to decentralize the information.

The anchors of the talk shows should have invited the leaders from the main stream political parties; their predominant presence could easily have resulted in something constructive for all who mattered. What Mr. Zardari spoke, it was not completely out of the context, but being a leader, it was his duty to lead from the front and to tell the people that the allegiance to Pakistan was more important then the instinct.

Long Live Pakistan!!!

Allegiance Beyond Instinct
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