Capital Talk [Geo News] 7th Dec 2011

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Capital Talk [Geo News] 7th Dec 2011

The Talk Show ‘Capital Talk’ that went on air on the 7th Dec, 2011, had the panel consisting of namely: Dr Asim and Mr. Qamar Zaman Qiara representing (PPP), along with Mr. Ahsan Iqbal representing PML (N) and the Veteran Journalist MR.Muhammad Malik (TheNews).

Hamid Mir, the host as witty as ever had enough in his journalistic armoury to engage the panel, and disseminate information to the public, in an easy to understand manners. The emotional catharsis by the guys from the PPP could not leave any mark whatsoever upon the minds of the Pro-PPP (jailazs), whom, I personally anticipated, were quite eager to listen to, from their leaders about the satisfactory answer about the mediclinical as well as political health of their party’s sitting president, but to their utter dismay, the discussion by them, yet another time reinforced the epigrammatic rhetoric of military takeover, in cahoot with the Judiciary and nothing else.

Well, the stance PPP has taken up is very much valid but the timings have always remained an issue in this very context throughout the history of Pakistan. I, even believe the PML (N) must have had secret understanding of hearts with PPP, when it comes to this very thing.

Even amid countless variables such as political opportunism of the PML (N), Memorandum issue, Hillary’s backing, of course Sam-Brass Khan, the MQM and the ANP, one thing is certain that Pakistan would not be the same as it has ever been.

President Zardari’s PPP, ever since in power has never been a federating symbol. It is, as it was at the start, out of sheer political expediency, a party only representing the so-called Bhuttos or some part of the interior Sindh.

Long Live Pakistan !!!

Capital Talk [Geo News] 7th Dec 2011
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