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The main thing that characterizes the modern world is the persistence of influence, the viewers are persistently surrounded by the media (the science of arresting the human intelligence) anchors and those who matter with the means and the technology and the know-how to persuade us to do something. And that persuasion has a great significance.  They spread mores and sell strategies, they put out stories that put us in an accessible, lofty state- and at the height of the practice they feed us with their message, and constantly reinforce the message till the message is triggered.
We can live our life in one of two ways. We can be like Pavlov’s dogs, responding to all the trends and messages sent our way, we can belured by every trend that pours through the tubes.The alternative is to try something smarter. We can learn to use our brain so that we choose the behaviours and internal representations that will make us better and a better world. We can become aware of when we’re being programmed and manipulated. We can decide when our behaviours and the models beamed at us reflect our real ideals and when they don’t. And then we can act on the things that have real values as we tune out the ones that don’t.If the state of mind serves as a hotline to the strategy and persuasion an altering of perception, than the entire live talk shows have plenty to offer in context and perspective of the future of the world. We can safely assume that the talk shows being televised these days are pre-arranged and pre-organized episodes of the media military nexus (be it in Pakistan, and for that matter, in the rest of the world).
Judging by the standard of the following statement, ‘Enlightenment is of the Minorities, and Emancipation is of the individual’, a small number of people, in the intelligence agencies, all over the world, with the comprehensive exposure to processed information, have taken charge of the world. The governance by the elected representatives, it seems, has seized to exit, the disenfranchised general publics have been left out of the game, from the mainstream politics, the echoes, of such a plight of the masses, do come to fore at times in the media, might be sanctioned by the controllers, with the view to provide an outlet to the pent up feelings.
The appropriation of the second part of the above statement comes from the guard of honour given to Mr.Pervaiz Musharruf, by the Pakistani army, at the time of his resignation from the post of the president.The Enlightenment and the Emancipation (in shape of information and pardons), in the modern world, are the prerogatives, conferred only upon the military men, and exceptionally the media men.The people all over the world, must not breed pessimism, they must listen to what George Bernard Shaw said, ‘In the right key we can say anything. The only delicate part is the establishment of the key.’

In a World
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