Of borrowed strategy and legacy

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What idea can we perceive today has not enjoyed in one garb or another a hoary antiquity of time?

Let’s surf the events that have been relegated to the pages of history-the transformation of dead data into a living narrative, only to emerge from them with a warning to the raiding boots to halt the speculated infringement of the adult franchise.

The Legacy: The shocked scholastic minds went mad at Voltaire for he contributed vigorously to the cause that began the great age of Enlightenment, and levelled against him the charge of the borrowed thought – his influence was immoral destructive.

Dec, 2011, In President Zardari’s case feel free to edit or not the nouns immorality and destructiveness, the burden of the proof is always on the moralist.

Now, perceive the figures that of Mr.Voltaire, Mr. Zardari and Nawaz Sherif as the instruments of change, ( the public exercises its democratic right to elect its leaders thus their idea of the enlightenment ).Substitute the term borrowed thought with borrowed legacy-the Will issue, and shocked, while deleting scholastic, with military minds to understand the historical parallel in current perspective.

The Strategy: The Roman Military was able to stay the tide of the onslaught by the invading Muslim troops with the help of meticulously researched strategy courtesy it’s R&D. The crux of the strategy was: to wait for the particular climatic conditions, when the sky was overcast, gloom said the researchers, prevailed on the minds of meat eating Muslims).Now, replace the term troops with politicians, no need to retain the title Muslims.The political skyline of the country is overcast and dark in particular for the last couple of months or so and the meat eating days have recently ended. Are we about to witness yet another resurrection and execution of Roman’s military strategy? Is there going to be the chopping off or in words of Maj. Gen. Aubrey Newman: the chewing from the top of the ‘ Supreme Commander ‘ by the defending Army?

We know that the human mind is an anticipation machine, and predicting the future is something, it does the best. The optical illusionists owning to their commercial restraints are far removed from the realities. Let’s not forget, nobody is original except in form and for Mr. Zardari,the  beauty is born only in suffering.

Long live Pakistan

Of borrowed strategy and legacy
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