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The emotional catharsis in the live talk shows by the Pakistan People Party (PPP) leaders does not leave any mark whatsoever upon the minds of the Pro-PPP zealots, who I personally anticipate are quite eager to listen from their leaders about the satisfactory answer to the clinical as well as political health of their party’s sitting president, but to their utter dismay, the discussions merely reinforce the epigrammatic rhetoric of military takeover in cahoot with the Judiciary and nothing else.

President Zardari’s PPP ever since in power has never been a symbol of political federation for the nation. It is as it was at its very outset, out of sheer political expediency, a party only representing the so-called Bhuttos or some part of the interior sindh(a state). The speeches delivered, and the reactions shown, (satellite pictures of the blown up Sindh at the time of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, too), by the then renegade and later interior minister, the ex-political child of Mr.Zardai(who has churned to pro-Pakistani)are undeniable proves to authenticate the truth.

The political as well as strategic stance taken up by the PPP in the current times is very much valid but the timings and controls have always remained an issue in this very context throughout the history of Pakistan. Late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, borne presumably out of politically vain sagacity-later proved, established Federal Security Force (FSF) to put a check on the perceived misadventure by the Army. Nawaz Sherif also presumably established the Elite Force, both former and later paid the price.

As we all have faith in the Quranic judgement that martyrs never die, B.B. must be eyeing in her eternal resting place cursing and admonishing her political disciples on their incapacity to read the political script right, and wanting them to be on the same page with (Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz) PML (N) on the issue of resisting the military’s intervention into governance of Pakistan.

Even with the support of the genetic givens(pun intended) i.e. MQM, ANP, PML (Q), and Hillary’s apparent backing, the ruling party can’t avert the impending doom larking at it. The political misjudgement, on the part one man, has facilitated the way for the politically expedient Tahriq e Insaf(the Justice Movement ) led by Sam-Brass Khan, the hyphenated name , in view of the political analysts, is the future of Pakistan, provided the Saudi patronage is there.

We the Pakistanis must listen to what Franz Kafka said:” If there is revolution, we would rather make it than suffer it”- nobody can change the revolution, the time of which has come.

Long live Pakistan!!!

(Sam: the proverbial Uncle SAM).

(Brass: the Military).

Sam Brass Khan
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