Social Networking Unleashed

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 (The entrepreneurial ideas, in the corporate business world, have there own time and space).

Arab Spring: breath and hum of democracy seemed almost a libidinous thing in parts of the Middle East, but, in truth, the body heat had been simmering for years. The protests took hold in Tunisia in late 2010 after the street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire. The kindle caught and the spirit of his self-immolation lit a fuse across the region. A wave of protests struck Algeria, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan. Almost as soon as protesters in Cairo were being herded away from Tahrir Square, they were dancing at the news of Mubarak’s resignation. Ruling families began to fall. Power-transfer treaties were brokered. Parliaments were dissolved. Monarchs locked their gates and boarded their windows. In Libya, Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi was ousted and killed. NATO planes streaked a sky so blue it seemed it to speak of other Septembers. Faces, too, were lit by a new blue light. It was the era of the revolution down through the wires: time was collapsed and geography shrunk by the use of social networking. The whole world was indeed watching, listening, e-mailing. Some in the media lost their lives for the art of the images that emerged — the photographs didn’t just capture singular moments, but they looked backward and forward at the same time, at what has happened, and what is yet to come. The light from the Arab Spring rose from the ground up; the hope is now that the darkness doesn’t fall. The year 2011, The World in pictures), (NYTimes)

The Great Sorting Out – The World Is Flat: “As the world starts to move from a primarily vertical-command and control-system for creating value to a more horizontal-connect and collaborate-value creation model (the era of the revolution down through the wires), and as we blow away more walls, ceiling, and floors at the same time, societies are going to find themselves facing a lot of very profound changes at once. But these changes won’t just affect how business gets done. They will affect how individuals, communities, and companies organise themselves, where companies stop and start, how individuals balance their different identities as consumers, employees, shareholders, and citizens, how people defines themselves politically, and what role government plays in managing all of this. This won’t all happen overnight, but over time many roles, habits, political identities, and management practices that we had grown used to in the flat world are going to have to be profoundly adjusted for the age of flatness -“Free Trade is Gods diplomacy. There is no other certain way of uniting people in the “bonds” of peace”. (The Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention: Old-Times Verses Just-in-Time/imagination).

The answer to, the photographers’ curiosity of what has happened, and what is yet to come: “The reason God banished all the people from the Tower of Babel and made them all speak different languages was not because he did not want them to collaborate per se.” “It was because he was enraged at what they were collaborating on-an effort to build a tower to the heavens so they could become God.”

Social Networking Unleashed
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