Is There Any Leader in Pakistan?

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A German newspaper ‘Die Welt’ has portrayed the current situation of Pakistan as, “The frontline ally of America, Pakistan, stands within an ace of destruction”. The news paper furthers added that the Pakistani society has been jinxed by corruption and is finding it hard to grapple with this vice. It has also elucidated the ‘Tug of War’ between PML-N and PPP. According to ‘Die Welt’ Imran Khan ushers in a new future for Pakistan.

Many Pakistan circles are rife with the gossips about Imran Khan and the sudden interest of the world in the anticipated regime of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf is worth noting. This sudden inclination of many giants towards IK has given rise to some doubts which need to be dispelled. Doesn’t  American interest in IK’s to-be-regime reek of something worse than just fishy fishy here. After all what good they have wished for us except dictating us for the last decade, and Us, the loyal friends have been just pandering to her wishes without taking into considerations the ramifications.

Pakistan has failed to produce any leader ever since Liaqat Ali Khan was shot to death. With every passing year we have but, edged closer to bankruptcy. People of Pakistan have always been hoodwinked by the leadership. The huge edifice of claims and promises turn out to be just a mirage. What should this nation do now?

If we consider the political parties of Pakistan then we don’t see anything but dark. PPP has gifted the nation with the worst ever democratic set-up. PML-N has failed to produce in the last 25 years so what good can they do now? JUI hasn’t done anything except perverting the sacred image of religious parties. Jamat e Islami has remained confined within a small radius ever since its formation. ANP has also disappointed its supporters. What to say about MQM? Everyone knows them from head to toe.

Now when we see the cult of Imran Khan growing at a fast pace the recent allegations of ‘Foreign Lobby’ etc will open a new Pandora box. I duly hope that Pakistani don’t get deluded now for if they get then a bloody revolution will be hard to halt. People are on the brink of exhausting the limit of their endurance.

Let’s hope that we see a leader who puts his interests in the background and works for the cause of commons. Let’s hope for a change for hope will always be kindled in one way or the other!

Is There Any Leader in Pakistan?
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