Send Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg a message for $100

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Facebook is testing a new pay-to-message model — and Zuckerberg’s price is $100. If you’re outside someone’s social network, you might be able to pay cash to make sure your message goes directly to their inbox. Or, risk it winding up in the often unread ‘Other’ folder.


The message the Yem News got when trying to contact Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

Want to send Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg a message? That’ll be $100.

The company is testing a new filtering model that allows some netizens to pay cash to get their messages noticed. When the Yem News tried to send Zuckerberg a message, a window popped up — pay $100 to send directly to the Facebook boss’ inbox, or pay nothing and let it wind up in his ill fated “Other” folder.

That’s where messages sent by users outside your social network typically land, often unnoticed. It’s a way to filter spam and unwanted correspondence.

The window will only pop up for some users, and only if you’re outside the recipient’s social network. Messages sent to friends always go straight to the inbox.

Send Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg a message for $100
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