23rd March and Tehreek-e-Insaf Jalsa

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With passing of every hour my excitement and enthusiasm is increasing. Unity and love is all I can see in Lahore. Like him or hate him I feel only Imran khan can make this happen. Jalsa, Lahore and 23rd what a day it would be. I can’t stop imagining. Be it Ali Zafars wedding or Atif Aslam’s concert nothing had made me so wanting to go there as much as PTI’s jalsa has.

This is what we usually witness during an India Pakistan match, but with 1 difference, we are clueless which side will win, but in this case I know IK will nail it. Even an anti-pti fan feels proud feeling the air of peace and harmony. The power of youth is what we see and nothing actually matches it. I still remember the last jalsa in Lahore. What a day it was. People from all races gathered under the historical Minar e Pakistan. I looked drawled, what is sectarianism, who is a racist?

Everyone young or elderly gathered there, a girl from LGS was standing right next to a girl from Gov. Model School. A boy who came at the jalsa on his BMW was touching shoulders with a rickshaw driver. Oh dear God I saw a beautiful Pakistan that day. I hope to see the same tomorrow, what a night it would be.

Stopping of the metro bus or let it be Basant nothing will stop the wave or more precisely “tsunami” of people from coming at the jalsa. My heart says that. I want it to be successful not for PTI or IK, but for us, for Pakistan. We want this, we really do.

And even though my friends call me an overly optimistic person, and that is what I’d like to be. I know these days will pass and we will see a new and better Pakistan. The only thing I fear is that what if I’m not a part of it. After ten years when I will be travelling from the underground metro train in Lahore, what will I tell my kids, what did i do to make a prosperous Pakistan, nothing, really nothing. I hate it, we all do. So kick aside all the bomb threats and the fear of being squashed under the magnificent crowd. Let’s move out lets be part of it.

Weather you support PTI or not, you surely support the idea of a safer and united Pakistan. Then what are you thinking about, come on lahories let’s do it once again!

23rd March and Tehreek-e-Insaf Jalsa
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