25 percent party tickets will be given to youth – Imran Khan Swat Jalsa

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Imran Khan Swat Jalsa Speech

SWAT: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan on Sunday vowed to establish peace in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the tribal region, besides introducing reforms in the education, health and police system.

Addressing an impressive rally in Swat, Imran Khan said that people of Swat rendered sacrifices but peace could not be established. “There will be peace in KP and FATA after PTI comes to power. I asked rulers not to fight the US led war but they called me Taliban Khan,” he said.

He said they called him a terrorist and Taliban Khan because he used to say there was no military solution to the issue. “I always favored a political solution. Now those who labeled me as a terrorist are themselves calling for peace talks,” Khan regretted amid slogans from the participating supporters.

But they, Imran Khan claimed, will not succeed, adding: “InshaAllaah I will show you how peace could be restored through involving tribesman. Tribesmen fought for Pakistan in 1948 and 1965 and rendered sacrifices. I will tell them to hold talks with militants in their areas. We have chalked out a comprehensive program for this purpose”.

Imran Khan said that people were worried that tickets were not being awarded on merit. “One thing that could lead to a defeat of the PTI would be awarding party tickets to wrong people. We will give tickets on merit,” he assured the crowd.

He said the PTI was the first democratic party in the country.

“There are no other democratic political parties in Pakistan because they function under family dynasties. Members will elect PTI leaders. Youth will be encouraged and new leadership will be introduced. Twenty-five percent tickets will be awarded to candidates under the age of 35 years,” Imran Khan pledged.

He said his party would not be defeated if tickets were awarded on merit.

Commenting on the education system, Khan said a uniform curriculum would be designed for both the rich and poor in the country and Rs 2,500 billion would be spent on the education sector.

Imran Khan said he set up NUML university which, he claimed, was the first institution established in a village where 90 percent students are being imparted free education and awarded a Bradford University degree.

“I know how to improve the health system as I set up the best hospital in the country. Now a cancer hospital is also being built in Peshawar,” he continued.

Khan vowed that he would introduce pre-1974 justice system in Swat.

Imran Khan said that he had made all his dreams come true and that his next dream is to get PTI a sweeping win the upcoming elections.

25 percent party tickets will be given to youth – Imran Khan Swat Jalsa
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