Can Samsung and Apple Ever Get Along? An article by Ace Case

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Can Samsung and Apple Ever Get Along?

This is one controversy that has been going on for some time now. It is one or the other, and many people might have their favorite. The new phones for both companies: the iPhone 5 and the Samsung S3. Each phone offers their own specifics and provides specials that users would love to have on their phones. With these extras you can make the phone into so much more than it is. These phones provide a lot of power, apps, and other perks that you might not be able to get on any other phones out there. (Don’t forget to check out the quality iphone 5 cases and accessories after reading this article over at Ace Case)

So Which is Better?

When it comes to which one might be better then you have to think about your personal opinions and views. Both phones have a lot of the same features that you wouldn’t find on other phones however, you might like the look and feel that one provides and not the other. So depending on what you want out of your phone, check both of them to find out if they have it. Both have powerful cameras, many abilities, and videos can be taken as well. However, saying that one is better than the other might be a bit out there since one person might like something more than another. The choice on which is better is ultimately the user’s choice. So look into the specs of the phones prior to purchasing one or the other and find out which one would be better for the needs that you have.

Personal Opinion

In this household, I own an iPhone and my husband owns a Samsung and we both have differing views on which one might be better but that could possibly be because we enjoy our phones over the other. Since our tastes are different, the phones we like are different. His screen is a touch bigger, but he doesn’t have FaceTime or Siri on his. Apple apps seem to be pretty good and the iPhone battery seems to lasts just a bit longer than the Samsung depending on if games are being played or not. There are a lot of different specifics that should be looked into. Each is different, but they both provide a lot of power and the ability to do much more than you can do on a normal cell phone out there.

Can Samsung and Apple Ever Get Along? An article by Ace Case
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