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GT50 Small Space Air Purifier

Best Air

THE GT50 IS A CONVENIENT PLUG-IN AIR PURIFIER that is great for lockers, closets, cabinets, under sinks,pet areas (especially those kitty litter boxes), laundry rooms, bathrooms, garbage areas & more.

As someone that has traveled quite a bit and stayed in various price levels of hotel/motels my biggest pet peeve is the smell of the room.  I have stayed in rooms with a musty odor, smoke odor,pet odor,you name it. I would open the windows to try to get fresh air but in a lot of places that weren’t possible or safe.  I would wake up throughout the night with a stuffy head and usually not get a good nights’ sleep due to the poor air quality.

The amazing thing about these hotels is that many are considered somewhat high class and definitely not cheap.  I guess the people working in the hotel become so used to the odor they don’t notice it.

A few years back I got involved with air purification products that changed all that dramatically.  The small GT 50 air purifier I take with me when I travel now refreshes any room I stay in about 30 minutes.  I stayed in a room a couple years ago that have been previously occupied by someone that smoked in the room.  It was a very rancid smell and hit me when I entered the room.  I was tempted to go back to the front desk to demand another room and I would have it I had not had my GT 50 with me.

I plugged the GT 50 in and turned the purification knob to high and went to dinner.  I was gone about an hour and when I returned the room was completely fresh, no hint of anyone ever smoking in the room.  I was able to get a good nights’ sleep and woke felling refreshed.

The GT 50 is standard fare in my travel case.  As the saying goes I don’t leave home without it.

The GT 50 only weighs six ounces and is only 5.25 by 3.75 wide and is about 3 inches deep.

You can see it for yourself at Best Air Purifier

I highly recommend you order one for your travel bag.

Best Air Purifyer
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