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Cbear Media is a Digital Brand & Marketing Agency:

CBear Media stands as a bridge between creative culture, entrepreneurship, consultancy, and brand allegiance.
We are a collective of creative minds, who just so happen to be really good at our respective crafts. We genuinely enjoy working with our clients as we experience and re-experience the best part of our creative selves together.
We rely on two commonalities to keep this hungry bear in honey: artistic perspective and trust.
With CBear, clients entrust all of their branding, marketing, development, and design needs to one entity. We use the client’s intentions and desires, to establish and reinvent their identity both artistically and socially.
The advantages of a collaborative creative process are manifested in the resulting effectiveness of the work. Ultimately, it’s fun to build together.

1.CBear Media is an artist collective that works seamlessly as a branding and marketing agency, helping to identify, develop, and monetize the passion of our clients.


2.The photo/video team uses creative imagery to capture the unique identity of each client. We think of it as marketing through art.


3.CBear Media provides our clients with the opportunity to break free from branding normalcy, utilizing innovative approaches to brand development.


4.With a style that is as true to brand identity as it is to consumer accessibility, CBear Media’s in-house design team ensures consistent client depiction across all platforms.


5.It is not our goal to abandon traditional marketing. Rather, we seek to be an extension of that tradition, creating meaningful content in print and digital media.


6.Constantly upgrading and updating, our strategy is to keep up with the newest online technology, utilizing current trends for effective results.


You can find me on:

  1. CBear Media: CBearMedia.com
  2. Facebook:  CBear
  3. Twitter: CbearMedia
  4. Google+ : CBearmedia
  5. Pinterest: CBEAR Media
CBear Media
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