PTI Pleading for Votes

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You cannot convince a voter by knocking at his door at 3PM, summer afternoon.

The ongoing door to door campaign by PTI’s “tabdeeli razakar” is not bringing fruitful results (apparently) as PTI’s think- tank had thought it to be. These “tabdeeli razakar” knock at your door at odd hours and request you to vote for PTI with a “please”. It is more like they are asking for “charity “or some kind of favor.

Yesterday, a “tabdeeli razakar” came to my place as well and handed over a pamphlet that said, “Please vote for PTI”.  Seemed more like a worker from a charity- home asking for “Chanda” for orphans. Hilarious as it might sound, I still can’t comprehend the reason behind this innovation? What kind of “tabdeeli” this might bring? It is very easy to collect Rs.10 or Rs.100 charity or donation door to door, but collecting votes and convincing a voter for a particular party in this way is not an appropriate approach, particularly in Pakistan where a voter has a different psyche altogether.

You can build a hospital on charity but you cannot build a “nation” or “Naya Pakistan” on charity. You can motivate people to come for a cricket match since Imran khan is playing it but you cannot motivate a voter to vote him just by using his name.

I would really appreciate these “Tabdeeli Razakar” if they said “do vote” whomever you want and if they make us realize the importance of our own “vote”.  I would feel a “tabdeeli” if they said “be a conscientious voter this time and vote for yourself”. Then I would called them real “tabdeeli razakar” who are on a real change. But they too prove them to be from the same run of the mill. Just propagating their party by calling themselves as the only “perfect” option. It’s better if they leave it on us to decide if they even are an option or not.

PTI Pleading for Votes
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