Are Hybrid Cars a Solution for CNG Shortage?

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Importing hybrid cars to replace CNG vehicles is not an appropriate solution for the time being. Reason being it will be one expensive move by would be government of PMLN.  As we all know currently Pakistan is not in a position to spend heavy amount. Secondly replacing CNG vehicles with hybrid cars will increase number of cars on roads as people will have one CNG car and one battery car (ironically this is how we are).  It will not be a workable solution to the shortage of gas. But yes it can be effective in the long run. So for short run the government should come up with more viable solution.

Instead government should rationalize or should give quota of CNG at least for six months to an independent company and that company would distribute CNG to pumps according to their requirement. Government should limit the availability of CNG to pumps via an independent source. This will eventually decrease the consumption of gas without creating problems for the masses.

Considering the recent accident of School bus at Gujarat and number of other accidents due to the explosion of CNG cylinders, make us think to come up with more secure system and way and we do not need alternative CNG cars at the moment we need to discourage people about the use of CNG cylinders. Nowhere in the world gas is use as main fuel, it is just an alternative fuel but unfortunately in Pakistan we use it as our main fuel.

And if we pragmatically look at CNG vehicles, we do not save any penny instead we have to spend more money on car maintenance in the long run as it effect car engine badly as cars are not designed to run on gas as main fuel.

And along with it continuous threat of explosion, it’s like you are having a time bomb at back of your car which can explode any time.CNG cylinders life expectancy is five years, so all the CNG cylinders must be change after every five years but unfortunately once we installed it we do not bother to change it or even to repair and in the end we have to face its consequences in the form of explosion and loss of life.

Are Hybrid Cars a Solution for CNG Shortage?
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