Naya Pakistan or Same Old?

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The election fever is fading away as the whole country is getting geared up for a new Pakistan. But is it the one people were expecting or the one which we had lived before, during the 90s, before General Pervez Musharaf rose to prominence? I am sad but instead of taking a step forward, the country has taken a step that has taken them back by 15 years.

Analysts believe that Nawaz Sharif would return a wise man this time around, and would serve the country better in his third tenure as the Prime Minister. But wasn’t he sacked, jailed and then exiled because he got a huge mandate and exercised his powers in the most senseless manner? Didn’t his advisors give him the wrong advice and he blamed them rather than himself for the way he handled things. Yes he did and one doesn’t become wiser when not in practice, and Nawaz Sharif has been out of practice for 15 years now!

I sincerely hope that as Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif is able to steer Pakistan towards betterment. People expect him to be their savior and he has the capability to fulfill their dreams because he has a huge mandate this time around. But didn’t he have 2/3 majority in 1997 as well? Wasn’t he termed as a savior even then when he asked people to pay in his Qarz Utaro Mulk Sanwaro scheme which didn’t make Pakistan any better?

And then there were the comments by his younger brother Nawaz Sharif who kept saying that Karachi is using the electricity of Punjab, and when he gets reelected, he would ensure that Punjab gets its fair share, meaning Karachi would once again become ‘former city of lights!’ It is stupid comments like these that have made people cautious of Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), and Nawaz Sharif will have to make sure that he doesn’t lose his popularity in the country. After all, he is now the Prime Minister of Pakistan, not the Prime Minister of Punjab!

Pakistan has suffered a lot during the last 5 years where the government was least bothered about the very people it was supposed to serve. People have elected Nawaz Sharif and his party not because they believed in their mandate but because they wanted to get rid of Pakistan People’s Party. That’s the truth otherwise PPP would have salvaged some of their former seats in Punjab where they used to be popular. One sincerely hopes that Nawaz Sharif doesn’t repeat the mistakes his predecessors made, and take steps to get rid of drone attacks, load shedding, power shortage and above all, the mother of all problems – inflation in a nation of less rich, and more poor!

Naya Pakistan or Same Old?
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