Will You Still Not Change? A Heart Touching Video by Omer Bari

Will You Still Not Change? A Heart Touching Video by Omer Bari
imran khan

Why Vote for PTI?

Well, why not? I have yet to hear a single person with a valid/logical reason as to why I should not vote for PTI. Most of what I hear is just bias, opinions formed in people’s ...

Watermelons Can Low Blood Pressure

FLORIDA: Elevated blood pressure (hypertension) is common for many of us from time to time and it has often been the practice of doctors to treat high blood pressure by prescribing ...

Don’t Vote for Imran Khan – Must Watch

Don’t Vote for Imran Khan – Must Watch YouTube

Real Story of Pakistan

Real Story of Pakistan

Homeless man wins lottery but wants to stay in his Tent

BLOOMINGTON: Dennis Mahurin has been homeless since around 1978, living in his tent. And he plans to stay there despite having won a $50,000 lottery off a scratch card ticket. “I ...

Where is Bilawal? PPP Struggles

GARHI KHUDA BAKHSH: A cancelled rally, a loathed president and a party chairman kept out of the public glare because of Taliban threats — Gulzar Ali Khawaja has never seen anything ...

Chashme Baddor Film Gets Positive Opening

KARACHI: The remake of 80’s Bollywood comedy classic ‘Chashme Baddor’ has been well received on its opening day at the box office. The remake made by David Dhawan stars Pakistani ...

Dogs Take Part in Tricycle Race

NEW YORK: We have all seen several races but none like this. Recently an extraordinary race took place between two Dalmatians on tricycles. The two dogs were racing peddling away ...

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